Gay Party Professional is a all male private party for men between 18 and 45 years. This is the place to live your fantasies and to experience pure sex.

If you look for cruising options globally check out cruisingforsex.com.

We find locations were we can have our private parties - sometimes private appartments, sometimes bars we rent for our purposes. We will provide all necessary things: Of course, many attractive men looking for hot sex, but also accessories like lube, condomes and tissues as well as a variety of toys. For our pool parties we provide also towels.



The location changes and we are having sex parties at major cities around the world. Next events are planned to take place in Manhattan, Atlanta, Bangkok, Munich and Hamburg


Please send us an e-Mail with your stats and a photo to info@gp-professional.com. We add you to our database and inform you about upcoming events.


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